Winter Solstice and Full Moon was a first in 49 years

By July 1, 2016Blog

Winter Solstice and Full Moon was a first in 49 years

The full moon last week coincided with the June solstice.  The last time this astrological event occurred was in 1967 and we won’t experience this event again until 2062.   This means the cosmic energies are amplified greatly.  It is a time to go within and work out who you really are and where you are going.  It is a time to delve deep into your heart and soul and to make sense of what is going on around you.

The June solstice is known as the winter solstice or Yule, in the Southern Hemisphere and it is the summer solstice or Litha in the Northern Hemisphere.   ‘Solstice’ is a Latin word which means ‘sun stopping.’  The point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, stops and reverses direction after this day.  Here in Australia, the Earth’s South Pole is tilted away from the sun at this time.  The sun rises north of east and sets north or west, and is therefore visible in the sky for less time.  The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  After this day, the days start to slowly become longer again.  It marks the first day of the astronomical winter, but the middle of winter in meteorological terms.

The winter solstice is about going in, reflecting and listening to our inner voice.  The shorter days naturally sent us inside and we spend more time curled up in bed or sitting beside the fire.  It is a time to reflect, plan and let your creative thoughts flow.  It is a time to plant the seeds of things you want to create in your life.

In many cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to Hopi Indians, midwinter is a time of ritual, reflection and renewal. The ancient rituals and traditions of the winter solstice have been superseded by the modern traditions of Christmas, as the dates are close together within the northern hemisphere. Family and friends gathering and sharing gifts and food, and decorating our homes with evergreen trees, remind us to appreciate those in our lives and that the season of rebirth will soon be here.

The longest night of the year is the perfect time to nurture and embrace your inner self and allow the gifts and inspirations which may present themselves to birth and grow as the days start to lengthen and the light comes back into your world. Our greatest lessons are learnt during the darkest and most challenging of times as this is when we must look inside for answers. Just as a majestic butterfly emerges from the cocoon, embracing these challenges and choosing to grow we too can exude the magnificent beauty that has been hidden within.