Other Services


We facilitate workshops and retreats to support your awakening, healing and enlightenment journey.
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Visiting Psychic Reader

Ask us about our regular appointments available with Kaylene.

60 minutes – $130


Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of health benefits for overall wellness. Experience some of the documented health benefits associated with using an infrared sauna, including pain relief, detoxification, relaxation, lower blood pressure, skin purification, weight loss, improved circulation and wound healing.

30min $40
$35 if booked with a 1 hour massage


iDetox Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

The iDetox Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your health and well being. The iDetox is a system which generates and emits a stream of positive and negative ions, and through the processes of electrolysis and osmosis supports the body’s natural equilibrium.

30min $40
$35 if booked with a 1 hour massage


Vibro Trainer

The Vibro Trainer is a gentle, non-impact way to exercise in a short 10 minute workout. It works in a similar way to weight and resistance training, stimulating rapid muscle contractions by activating the nervous system.

The Vibro Trainer generates vibrations from the platform to the body, which makes the muscles contract and expand approximately 40 times per second depending on the speed it is on, therefore it stimulates your blood circulation at a much faster rate than conventional training. As a result you reach the fatigue point sooner, therefore your body rebuilds and strengthens muscles much more rapidly.

10min $10 or $5 with a massage
Prepay 10 – $70

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