Beauty Treatments

Available by appointment only.

Balinese Massage

Treat your skin to a sumptuous body treatment using our organic skin care range. This ultimate treatment combines an invigorating body scrub and hydration wrap followed by an island-style massage using long smooth strokes and gentle kneading techniques to relax and rejuvenate the body. The full body exfoliation removes unwanted roughness and stimulates the skin. The hydrating body wrap allows a unique combination of ingredients to absorb into the body. The massage then releases any tension and allows you a blissful sensation of peace.

60 min $100
90min $130
120min $160

Clay Body Treatment

Emerge looking, feeling and smelling divine after you are treated to a gorgeous body treatment. Deep exfoliating treatments leave the skin silky smooth, hydrated and revitalised. Mineral salts improve hydration and detoxify the body and essential oils assist to revitalise, hydrate and balance the skin while creating a truly aromatic experience. After being exfoliated, let your body absorb the hydrating clay wrap while you receive a relaxing head massage. As the perfect end, you will have a luxurious moisturiser massaged into your skin.

60 min $100

Signature Facial

Our facials will cleanse, nourish and massage the skin of your face and décolletage with the natural purifying extracts of our organic skin care range. In our signature facial treatment, you receive double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, steam, extractions and a relaxing scalp, neck and decolletage massage followed by a nourishing mask. Your skin will feel revitalised, brighter and fresher. Perfect for men & women.

60 min $85

Express Facial

An intense hydrating treatment that includes a double cleanse a gentle exfoliation, steam, extractions and a relaxing scalp, neck and decolletage massage followed by a hydrating mask that will increase the skins natural moisture factor.

30 min $55


Pamper, hydrate and sooth your hands with our organic products. During the deluxe manicure it will include exfoliation treatment as well as nail and cuticle care and a relaxing hand massage. Finally the nails are polished with a colour of your choice.

Deluxe 60 min $75

Express 30 min $55

File, Buff & Polish 20 min $40

Shellac Polish removal $10 extra


Soothe and pamper tired feet with a pedicure using organic products. You receive an aromatic bath oil foot soak, exfoliation to relieve rough skin, a cut, file and buff, a heel and cuticle treatment, and a foot massage before the polish of your choice is applied. In our deluxe option, you receive a nourishing scrub which soothes and repairs cracked and chaffed feet, and an extended massage.

Deluxe 60 min $75

Express 30 min $55

File, Buff & Polish 20 min $40

Shellac Polish removal $10 extra

Hair Treatment

Nourishing your hair with plant oils, vitamins and aromatic essential oils to nourish dry and damaged hair. This treatment includes a glorious scalp massage. Perfect to add to a Body Treatment, Balinese Massage or Facial.

20 min $45

Back Treatment

Our back treatment (similar to a facial on the back) will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the hard to reach places of your back. With the addition of a back massage, you will feel both cleansed and fully relaxed.

30 min $65
45 min $80


Back Treatment (30min), Head Massage (30min), Pedicure (60min), Manicure (60min), Hot Stone Massage (60min).

4 hour: $350


Head Massage (30min), Facial (60min), Manicure OR Pedicure (60min).

3 hours $235


Body Treatment (60min), Head Massage (30min), Foot Massage (30min)

2 hours $200


Facial (60min), Back Treatment (30min), Hair Treatment (30min)

2 hours $185


Sauna (30min), Massage (60min), iDetox (30min)

2 hours $155

Massage & iDetox

90min $120

Massage & Sauna

90min $120

Facial & Hair Treatment

60min $95
90min $125

Couples Packages

Would you like to indulge with your partner, friend or family member? Our treatments are available as a couples package where the two of you can enjoy your relaxation time together.



We cater for male and female waxing and use the highest quality strip and hot wax.



Brow $15                (15min)
Lip $15                   (15min)
Chin $15                 (15min)
Sides of Face $15  (20min)
Full Leg $50          (45min)
1/2 Leg $40           (30min)
Full Arm $30        (30min)
Underarm $20      (15min)
Stomach $20         (15min)
Brazilian $60         (1hr)
Bikini $30              (30min)
G-String $45         (30min)

Gentleman’s Waxing
Full Back $60       (1hr)
Upper Back $35   (30min)
Lower Back $35   (30min)
Chest $50              (1hr)
Full Leg $55          (1hr)
Full Arm $55        (1hr)




Lash Tint $20 (15min)
Brow Tint $10 (15min)

Eyebrow Package
Inc.Eyebrow wax, lash & brow tint, eye massage $44 (45min)


Benefits of Waxing

  • Long-lasting, smooth and silky skin: Waxing removes hair from the roots, so it takes longer for new hair to grow back. This can take between 3–8 weeks depending upon individual hair growth cycles. Waxing ensures long periods of smooth, silky and hair-free skin.
  • Softer and finer body hair: When hair grows back after waxing it is softer and finer. There is no irritating stubble to contend with.
  • Diminishes hair growth: Repeated and regular waxing treatments can diminish hair growth in that area. Over an extended period of time you may observe sparse and scanty hair growth which might even lead to a complete end of hair growth.
  • Exfoliation: Besides removing unwanted body hair, waxing also rejuvenates the skin and removes dead skin cells. Exfoliation is necessary to stimulate the production of healthy skin cells allowing skin to be softer and more supple. Regular removal of these dead skin cells also prevents ingrown hairs often associated with shaving.

Hair on any part of the body or face can be waxed. Warm wax is applied to the area and then removed, bringing the hair with it. The main reason people do not wish to try waxing is because of the belief that it is painful. Although pain is always dependent upon the individual, a good waxing professional is able to minimise the stinging sensation and should ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible. If you are concerned, talk to your therapist before booking an appointment.