Full Moon

By May 11, 2017Blog

Full Moon Meditation
The full moon sends huge amounts of energy to earth and everything is amplified. The oceans swell and the tides are bigger, ambulances and hospital emergency rooms are busier and people’s emotions are more unsettled. Whatever you are thinking and feeling will also by amplified.
If you are happy, you will feel happier, if you are frustrated, you will feel more frustrated etc. Loving energy and negative energy will be intensified. The energy is very powerful so it is important to direct it with positive intention.
This is an important time to be calm and to direct positive thought and feelings towards yourself and others. A great way to do this is through meditation so come along and join us for a Full Moon Healing Meditation every month. Please let us know if you can join us as you will take home a crystal and a lightbody crystal essence which will help you to integrate the energies over the next couple of days.
The energies of the Full Moon are available to us for two days before and for two days after. The following will assist you in making the most of the energies at this time.
Stay Calm
Try to stay calm and let things go. If you have to deal with negative situations, try to leave it for a couple of days if you can. Try to keep emotions happy and uplifted in your home and work place.
Have positive thoughts
Remember what you say and think is what you get! If you don’t want it to happen, try not to focus on it. Spending a little time in the morning or just before going to sleep thinking of all the positive things in your life is very beneficial. Keeping a gratitude diary and writing down three things you are grateful for each day sends out positive energy. Doing this at the full moon will multiply this energy and bring more into your life.
Group meditation is wonderful for amplifying energies at any time so during the full moon this is even more so. Meditation will also bring peace and calmness into your life and allow you to let go of negativity and fears.
A great time to have an energy healing or massage as the benefits will be more profound. You can even do this yourself by visualising white light going to places in your body you want healed. Imagine the cells in the area filling with white light and healing. This is also a good time to send blessings to others and to the world. Imaging white light pouring onto earth and touching every person, animal, plant, mineral and everything on earth.
The full moon is good time to dream big and think about what you wish to achieve. Use all the manifestation tools you know – goal setting, vision boards, dreaming, visualisation, planning, drawing or writing down ideas etc.
Charging Crystals
The full moon is the best time to reenergise your crystals. Wash or cleanse them first – either under running cool water, smudging or white lighting. Then place them outside or on a window sill so they receive the energies of the moon. Their healing properties are then more amplified.

Finally, just enjoy the full moon with all its beauty, energy and healing abilities. Just go outside and really embrace it. Many blessings.